2022 Maserati Levante | San Diego, CA

Undoubtedly SUV, unmistakably Maserati. The Levante is born from our grand touring tradition to take you anywhere.


Elegant lines framing a grand design that speaks fluent Maserati. The Levante is a sculpted beauty.

Surpass all expectations with a refines style that never deceives. Dramatic SUV proportations are balanced with graceful lines and muscular forms that are all about dynamic purpose.


Named after the Mediterranean wind that can change from calm to gale in an instant, the Levante is a master of powerful forces that will drive you far and wide.

Soar through any terrain with ease, with snarling responsiveness and effortless long-distance refinement. Whether it’s the V6 or the mighty V8 engine, the Levante offers everything you would expect of a Maserati.

Cutting-edge technologies

Cutting-edge, smooth, refined. Purposeful innovation is there to uplift your emotions onboard. Maserati Connect will give you a seamless experience in and around your car. You’ll be able to intuitively manage performance, comfort, and safety, so as to transform every trip into a unique and thrilling new experience. Being always connected to the car means receiving innovative services and features over the car’s lifetime. You will be always informed on its status and position: you’ll be able to stay in touch with the car through your smartphone, smartwatch, or a virtual assistant (Alexa or Google Assistant) from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy the connected navigation with real-time traffic info and up-to-date maps. Take advantage of the Wi-Fi hotspot (complimentary 3GB package), activate Alexa in the car, and receive dedicated support in case of emergency, breakdown, or car theft.

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